[Samba] win2003 access smb share

jbuburuz at sce.carleton.ca jbuburuz at sce.carleton.ca
Mon Apr 10 13:15:50 GMT 2006

Hi all,

What I got:

Samba running on a RH box, smb version 3.0.10-1
My smb.conf has the following:
Security = server

Windows 2003 AD server(Authentication server)

The samba server smb.conf points to the win2003 server for authentication.
This works great! Samba users can access there stuff(files, printers,


The windows 2003 server cannot access shares? For example:

c:\net use x: \\samba\printers
---error "network name not found" ---

Although the XP clients have no problems, they can access access samba
shares, and they are authenticating with windows 2003 server.
I have also made the change to the windows 2003 server "Digitally sign
communications" disabled thinnking this might be the casue of the problem.

Some other notes: The windows 2003 server was a 2000 server, upgraded. I
know this is more of a windows problem, but the windows server can access
other 2003/2000 servers through "net use x: \\someMSbox\share" with no
problems. The win3k server cannot access any samba server share!

Is there another security policy edit I have to do to win3k?

Hope I provided enough detail.

Any help, thoughts is appreciated.



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