[Samba] samba 3 performance issues

Eric Warnke ericew at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 14:53:08 GMT 2006

1)  google for tools to improve windows lan performance.  You do things like
increasing the default window size, the timeout settings, and many others.
You can also tune the Linux network stack as well for high bandwith services
like NFS or samba by searching google.

2a)  When I setup my raid-5 array ( HW RAID-5 ) I used the largest block
size available 128k the filesystem blocks are 4k.  This seems to be working
well for us, but each system is different and pre-production we tried
several blocksizes to see how they each would perform.

2b)  Under ext3 you a can tune for RAID-5 by using the -E stride=X ( where x
is the number of data stripes in your array or n-1 for a RAID-5 w/o HS ).
This gives a hint to the OS to optimize write patterns to try and write data
to dirty as few parity blocks as possible.

Testing, testing, testing.  There are just too many differences between
hardware to state any blanket tweaks, you will have to look into all of them
and see what works for you.


On 4/9/06, Michael Gasch <gasch at eva.mpg.de> wrote:
> hi,
> these questions especially go out to greg and collen:
> 1) (after some windows tweaking, coz windows isn't gb lan ready by
> default!!!!)
> -> how did you tweak windows in detail?
> 2) I can tell you this, if you have the RAID-5 setup not-optimally to work
> with the block sizing on your Filesystem you'll never get excellent
> throughput.
> -> so if i have a block size of 4kb in my filesystem i should also have
> 4kb blocks on the raid device? is this what you mean? is there any good
> article about the relationship between block sizes, file systems and
> raid-subsystems online? i'm very interested in this
> many thanks in advance!!
> micha
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