[Samba] How to restart samba with reboot

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Fri Apr 7 07:02:23 GMT 2006

This is seriously more a FREEBSD Question then anything, if you understand how
the rc scripts work you should simply run the following:


this will show you all the options of the rc script, in your case your after
reload to re-read the smb.conf

thus you would run "/usr/local/etc/rc.d/samba.sh reload"
"/usr/local/etc/rc.d/samba.sh restart"
to force samba to shutdown and start again!

this will work providing you used ports to install samba

otherwise you could issue "killall -HUP smbd" which is the same as 
above however
sends a kill signal to the samba process to re-read the smb.conf...

hope that helps

--Chris Anders

Quoting Jeffrey <bsduser at exemail.com.au>:

> Hi,
> This is may songs like very easy question. But I am new to Samba. 
> After I have changed smb.conf, how do I get samba to restart without 
> reboot the machine. I am using FreeBSD 6.
> Thanks,
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