[Samba] Add a Linux Sever to a Windows 2003 PDC to authenicate against Active Directory.

Chuck Amadi Systems Administrator chuck at smtl.co.uk
Wed Apr 5 11:00:25 GMT 2006

Hi I am a Linux/Unix Sys Admin I administer Linux/Solaris and
Windows(SMB)boxes and servers.

I have a simple SuSE SMB PDC that allows our Windows XP/2000 boxes Print
and share documents within theire workgroup only and no access to our
SuSE file/doc server.

We have spun out a prt of our Organist ion who are predominately will
use Windows Infrastructure using Windows 2003 SBS, and Exchange thus
Windows for authentication logins.

I have a problem that the main Finance server running Apache 2,
Sql-Legder and Amanda backup tapes is on as SLES Linux server and that
this must be accessible from Window XP Clients when the migrate after
their new premises are kitted out.

Is it just a simples exercise as just adding the IP of Finance server to
the Windows SBS domain that will act as the only PDC.

I was looking at Kerberos client (requires Active Directory) or using
Winbind and Samba.
Please could someone point me in the easiest direction as the Linux
Finance Server will only be accessible through its front end using a
Mozilla Firefox or IE. So I want a simple implementation So I can get
the necessary tools together and prepare oneself.


Unix/ Linux Systems Administrator
Chuck Amadi
The Surgical Material Testing Laboratory (SMTL), 
Princess of Wales Hospital 
Coity Road 
United Kingdom, CF31 1RQ.
Email chuck.smtl.co.uk
Tel: +44 1656 752820 
Fax: +44 1656 752830

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