[Samba] remote BDC

Robert Mortimer rmortimer at bluechiptechnology.co.uk
Wed Apr 5 10:08:41 GMT 2006

In the old NT4 model I think it was up to the client to decide who to send
the authentication request to. I also seem to remember the BDC was
preferred over the PDC as it was assumed the BDC would have less load.

In short I think the clients get to choose based on what they can see in
the network browser and/or WINS. If both the PDC and BDC are WINS serves
you could list the priority for the WINS servers and add the static entries
to get the desired result.

IMHO I would always try to get authenticate against the local server and
look at propagation between PDC & BDC if there is a syncronisation

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> Hello!
> I want to have BDC in another subnet.
> I.e.
> PDC--router--4Mbit link----router----BDC---users
> I want users workstations logins into PDC if link is up and into BDC.
> If I setup BDC as
> /|domain master = no|//|
> domain logons = yes
> then users logins into BDC although #1c records in wins are for BDC too.
> Is it possible to implement PDC-BDC as I want? :-)
> Thank you!
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