[Samba] ugly name when mapping drives to windows

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Fri Sep 30 18:28:30 GMT 2005

> In windows "this computer" and in explorer the mapping shows 
> with the long name 
> "sharedfolder at Samba file and print server (server) (X:)"
> Is there a way to remove aleast the 
> "Samba file and print server" part of the name.
> I have tryed in netbios name =  something and server string = 
> something 
> With no result
> Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Windows remembers this comment field regardless of what the server is
actually called now, at least in certain versions.  If you do a registry
search for that string on the workstation you will find a section that lists
the comment.  Also, try looking in your nethood directory, one of these two
locations will have it.  You simply clear out references to the old long

I used to have this myself where a previous admin had called our server
'Samba Mania' and I couldn't clear it until I brought in a new machine that
had never known about 'Samba Mania' and they referred to the machine as the
proper name.  I went looking and dug up the location that had it.  Sorry I
can't be exact, those machines have all been long gone so I can't tell you
exactly where it is.

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