[Samba] ugly name when mapping drives to windows

Clas Mayer clas at mayer.se
Fri Sep 30 18:22:08 GMT 2005

Hi list
I have just finished setting up a samba server as a member server in a windows 2003 AD. Everyting works like a "keps" Only one minor beauty defekt. When I map a drive in windows from the samba share like.

net use x: \\server\sharedfolder

In windows "this computer" and in explorer the mapping shows with the long name 

"sharedfolder at Samba file and print server (server) (X:)"

Is there a way to remove aleast the 

"Samba file and print server" part of the name.

I have tryed in netbios name =  something and server string = something 

With no result

Any ideas? Thanks in advance


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