[Samba] Unnecessary smbpasswd

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Sep 29 16:57:19 GMT 2005

On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 10:38:55AM -0600, Ric Tibbetts wrote:
> Okay, here's my final issue with this installation. I'm hoping 
> someone can shed some light on it.
> The setup:
> Server: IBM AIX 5.2
> Samba: 3.0.12
> The problem:
> Samba is insisting on having an smbpasswd entry for all users, and it 
> shouldn't (based on my past experiences).
> I'm setting up a VERY basic samba install.
> All it needs to do is enable unix shares to the windows folks. It's 
> NOT a login server, nor a domain master, etc.
> It simply needs to answer requests for shares, and send them out.
> From my limited knowledge of this, the process is:
> Request comes in from Windows client (XP-Pro in this case). In this 
> case, the Windows clients authenticate via an ADS.
> Samba receives the request, and checks the username, checking it 
> against the unix passwds to find a match.
> If there is a matching unix ID, then samba will allow the access.

That's not how Samba works. You need to authenticate the incoming
password from the client. You can't do this against a UNIX password
database, the hashes are incompatible.

> This process has never required an smbpasswd file on any other system 
> I've set it up on. Except this one.

I seriously doubt this. I *strongly* recommend you stop working on
your computer and go away and read this :


This should help with some of the underlying concepts.


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