[Samba] Unnecessary smbpasswd

Ric Tibbetts rtibbetts at lanl.gov
Thu Sep 29 16:38:55 GMT 2005

Okay, here's my final issue with this installation. I'm hoping 
someone can shed some light on it.

The setup:

Server: IBM AIX 5.2
Samba: 3.0.12

The problem:
Samba is insisting on having an smbpasswd entry for all users, and it 
shouldn't (based on my past experiences).

I'm setting up a VERY basic samba install.
All it needs to do is enable unix shares to the windows folks. It's 
NOT a login server, nor a domain master, etc.
It simply needs to answer requests for shares, and send them out.
 From my limited knowledge of this, the process is:

Request comes in from Windows client (XP-Pro in this case). In this 
case, the Windows clients authenticate via an ADS.
Samba receives the request, and checks the username, checking it 
against the unix passwds to find a match.
If there is a matching unix ID, then samba will allow the access.

This process has never required an smbpasswd file on any other system 
I've set it up on. Except this one.

So my question is, where do I start looking for WHY it can't get the 
user id from Unix?
I've cranked up the log levels, but I'm not seeing anything that 
helps. I'd be glad to send the logs along to anyone who wants to look 
that may be able to unravel this mystery.

Thank you in advance!


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