[samba] multiple domain login failures

Stan Garvin sgarvin at flad.com
Thu Sep 29 15:41:49 GMT 2005


I've run into a strange issue with our Windows 2000/XP client's domain 

After some time, users will have to login multiple times (like six-ten) 
before authenticating - and then, they login finally. I've verified that 
they are putting in the correct username and password pair. Again, this 
only happens after the machine has been in the domain for months - it 
doesn't occur right away.

What's strange, is that if I remove the machine account from LDAP and 
re-add the machine account when adding the workstation to the domain, 
all is fine - the workstation will then authenticate immediately.

Otherwise, our Samba/PDC/BDC/LDAP solution is working great!!

WINS is on PDC/LDAP server

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