[Samba] samba + virtual users +mysql

MARTIN Pierre HicksCorp at GMail.com
Thu Sep 29 10:30:54 GMT 2005

Hello Chip,

Please if you find a way to do, explain me, nobody was in condition to 
solve the problem here.


Chip Mefford wrote:

>Perhaps I'm all alone out here, but I don't think so.
>I have an environment wherein all my users are virtual
>and live in a chroot jail, and have no shell access
>at all. The users are authenticated for email against
>a mysql database. I should like to give them
>access to a virtual home directory and file server
>tree via samba using the same model.
>Digging through the archives and stw, I've seen
>some echos of this approach, but nothing firm.
>Can anyone please referr me to some information?
>Thanks kindly in advance.

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