[Samba] VFS recycle - can't get exclude_dir to work

initiators at free.fr initiators at free.fr
Wed Sep 28 13:40:13 GMT 2005


I'm testing the VFS recycle stuff on a 3.0.14a-Debian (Debian Sarge,
kernel 2.6.8-2). The smb.conf share config part looks like this:

	path = /sambashared/write
	browseable = yes
	writable = yes
	public = yes
	vfs object = recycle
	#recycle:repository = ../readonly
	recycle:keeptree = yes
	recycle:versions = yes
	recycle:touch = yes
	recycle:maxsize = 1000000
	recycle:noversions = *.doc,*.xls
	recycle:excludedir = /temp,/brouillons
	recycle:exclude = *.tmp,*.temp,~$*

After some trials and errors I found out that for Debian the parameters
had to be separated by commas and that I had to do a /etc/init.d/samba
restart as the reload won't take a config change for VFS recycle.

Now it is working, except the excludedir than I can't get to work. I've
tried with excludedir and exclude_dir, relative and absolute paths, ...

What's the right way to get it to work ?

Thanks in advance

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