[Samba] roaming profile problem--file in use

Zach uid000 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 11:32:12 GMT 2005

On 9/28/05, Chadley Wilson <chadley at ngn.co.za> wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 September 2005 12:42, Zach wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm having a problem with roaming profiles.  I just built a new
> > machine and put it on the network.  When I log on with a domain user,
> > I get an error when it tries to load the roaming profile.  The error
> > is that certain file, which is part of the profile, can't be
> > overwritten because it is in use.  Then it goes on to attempt to load
> > a local profile, which, of course, it can't find.  The even generated
> > in the event list is ID 1509.
> >
> > When this initially occurred, I had just started configuring the
> > system.  After messing around with it for about an hour, I decided
> > that this was just an anomaly, since I had never had this problem on
> > any other machine.  Rather than troubleshoot it further, I took the
> > easy way out and reinstalled windows (which I would never do had it
> > been Linux).  The problem did not come back after
> > reinstallation--until last night.  Now I know it's a recurring
> > problem, so I've got to fix it.
> >
> > What I have done so far, without success:
> > --attempt to log on with a user account that previously had not
> > exhibited the problem
> > --attempt to log on with a user account that had not previously logged
> > on to that machine
> > --manually delete the cached profile from c:\Documents and Settings\
> > and try again
> > --Do System Restore back to a point when the problem was not occurring.
> > --Reboot (sigh) the samba server, ruining a really nice uptime record
> >
> > I am using an early version of Samba 3 on Red Hat 9 on the server/PDC
> > Windows XP SP2 on the offending client.
> > Other Windows XP SP2 clients don't exhibit this problem.
> >
> > Has anyone seen this problem?  Does anyone know what might cause it or
> > how to fix it?  Please help.  I am at wit's end.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Zach
> > --
> Same OLD - Same OLD
> Typical typical typical...
> Then it gives you a temporary profile and another message about loosing it
> when you log out...
> Firstly a copy of your precious smb.conf file and all you secret details
> replaced with fake details would be in order. :)
> Secondly an exact type out (He he) of the Winblows errors and the order in
> which they occur is important.
> Thirdly ...  have you applied the registry patch to the winblows PCs?
> Lastly where is your profile on the server and does the %U user have the
> correct perms on the folder and in smb.conf under that users shares.
> 777 perms might work but usually don't I prefer 774 or 775 then its happy.
> If you made like me ( RAMBO ) and decided it would be better to have the user
> profile in /home/username/profile/ then I suggest that if you want it to work
> you'd better create the folder appropriately. Otherwise dumb, stupid windows
> won't create it. And then gets cheeky and swears at you.
> I have found that between samba PDC and windows PDC I have a problem deciding
> which one of the two will send me to a mental home first. They both have pro
> and CONs. But the linux one once correctly administrated just runs and runs
> and runs an.. OK! :}
> If you want my advise, use samba with LDAP and use webmin to cluster your
> servers for easy administration.
> But be warned, first setup up all your services manually and make backups,
> webmin on occasion misses the point of the setup you created and messes
> things up.
> Chow for NOW and good luck...
> --
> Chadley Wilson

Yep, you nailed the problem exactly.

I'll post my smb.conf when I get a chance, hopefully later today. 
However, the weird thing is that it's working, and has been working,
A-Ok for the other XP SP2 machines.  This *feels* machine-specific,
which doesn't make sense.

As far as the registry patch, I assume you mean the Sign or Seal one? 
I believe so, but I'll double check.  However that wouldn't explain
why it was working fine, then all of a sudden the problem popped up
again for no good reason.

As far as the way the profile directories, etc are laid out, it's not
the most sensible scheme, because I was still a n00b a few years ago
(Remember, RH9) when I was setting it up.  But the profiles directory
itself is set to 777, and the individual users' profile directories,
e.g. profiles/user1/; are 740 and are owed user1:sambausers.

I do plan to move to a samba/ldap combination soon, but it's a work in
progress on the workbench right now :-).

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