[Samba] Nmbd question...

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Mon Sep 26 08:06:43 GMT 2005

Remeber that Swat do not always report the correct state of the  
running deamons.
Please look at the processes with top or ps to be sure that they are  

24 sep 2005 kl. 16.08 skrev Bíró Gáspár Péter:

> Hi!
> I'm a Linux beginner, and I installed Suse Linux  8.2 to my computer.
> I installed Samba too... Then I configured it... I wrote in to the web
> browser: http://localhost:901. Swat came in, and I configured things
> what I read in a Samba book. Then I started smbd, and nmbd. Smbd
> worked, but nmbd won't start! I made a probe to write in the "smbd -D"
> command. It worked... But by the command "nmbd -D" worked NMBD not (I
> saw in the SWAT, that it isn't working).
> What's can the problem be?
> What for installations, configurations muss I make for NMBD?
> Where can I find a checklist for NMBD?
> Thank you!
> Gaspar Biro
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