[Samba] Nmbd question...

Bíró Gáspár Péter biro.gaspar at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 14:08:01 GMT 2005


I'm a Linux beginner, and I installed Suse Linux  8.2 to my computer.
I installed Samba too... Then I configured it... I wrote in to the web
browser: http://localhost:901. Swat came in, and I configured things
what I read in a Samba book. Then I started smbd, and nmbd. Smbd
worked, but nmbd won't start! I made a probe to write in the "smbd -D"
command. It worked... But by the command "nmbd -D" worked NMBD not (I
saw in the SWAT, that it isn't working).

What's can the problem be?
What for installations, configurations muss I make for NMBD?
Where can I find a checklist for NMBD?

Thank you!
Gaspar Biro

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