[Samba] Windows special chars in filenames, cannot access files

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Mon Sep 26 02:47:43 GMT 2005

I'm confused as to exactly what you are doing. Are you getting a 
directory listing then working with it in a script? If so, the problem 
is a disconnect between what ls displays and the actual file names.

However, if you rework the script to bypass the listing and simply 
execute it against all the files, it should work. Since you don't seem 
to need to know the actual file names, this should work.

Raymond Blum wrote:

> Thanks but NG ... I need to copy any such files from a shell script  
> on the Unix side as they appear
> On Sep 25, 2005, at 7:53 PM, Gary Dale wrote:
>> Try doing cat XXX?.url. To rename it, try mv XXX?.url XXX2.url.
>> Alternatively, try using a graphical file manager to access the  
>> files. They should allow you to rename or copy the files.
>> Or you can try renaming them on the Windows side.
>> Raymond Blum wrote:
>>> Hi
>>>   I am running Samba v3.0.20-2 on Redhat Linux.
>>> to get right to the point:
>>>   I am using mount with type=smbfs to mount a WIndows XP share.   
>>> The  share has filenames with special chars (the Registered symbol  
>>> (r)) .  This filename appears in Linux directory listings with a  
>>> "r" in place  of the (r) char.  If I try to access the file, I get  
>>> a "File not found".
>>> i.e.
>>>   "ls -l" shows filename "XXXr.url"
>>> but if I try "cat XXXr.url" I get the msg "XXXr.url no such file  
>>> or  directory"
>>> I have tried setting the dos charset and unix charset both to  
>>> UTF-8  with no results, likewise to the DOS default CP850
>>> Anyone know how to address this?  It would be an acceptable  
>>> solution  to substitute chars in the filename, I just need to be  
>>> able to access/ copy it.
>>> Thanks
>>> ---raymond

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