[Samba] Windows special chars in filenames, cannot access files

Raymond Blum raymond at paidtech.com
Mon Sep 26 02:15:07 GMT 2005

Thanks but NG ... I need to copy any such files from a shell script  
on the Unix side as they appear

On Sep 25, 2005, at 7:53 PM, Gary Dale wrote:

> Try doing cat XXX?.url. To rename it, try mv XXX?.url XXX2.url.
> Alternatively, try using a graphical file manager to access the  
> files. They should allow you to rename or copy the files.
> Or you can try renaming them on the Windows side.
> Raymond Blum wrote:
>> Hi
>>   I am running Samba v3.0.20-2 on Redhat Linux.
>> to get right to the point:
>>   I am using mount with type=smbfs to mount a WIndows XP share.   
>> The  share has filenames with special chars (the Registered symbol  
>> (r)) .  This filename appears in Linux directory listings with a  
>> "r" in place  of the (r) char.  If I try to access the file, I get  
>> a "File not found".
>> i.e.
>>   "ls -l" shows filename "XXXr.url"
>> but if I try "cat XXXr.url" I get the msg "XXXr.url no such file  
>> or  directory"
>> I have tried setting the dos charset and unix charset both to  
>> UTF-8  with no results, likewise to the DOS default CP850
>> Anyone know how to address this?  It would be an acceptable  
>> solution  to substitute chars in the filename, I just need to be  
>> able to access/ copy it.
>> Thanks
>> ---raymond

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