[Samba] VLAN issue

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Sat Sep 24 07:13:49 GMT 2005

Taolizhong wrote:

>Hi --
>The environment we have is as follows,
>  Domain controller:  samba 3.0.14a running Solaris 9/X86
>  Authentication: openldap 2.2.14
>  Clients: Windows XP with SP2
>The issue I met:
>  If both clients and Samba server are on the same physical switch (also same subnet), the clients can join the domain and users can log into their domain accounts without any problem. However, if the clients and the Samba server are networked via VLAN (not on the same switch but still virtually on the same subnet),  the clients still can join the domain, but, after  the clients are rebooted, users are greeted with message: "Please wait while the domain list is created" for about 5 minutes and then generate the following message:
>"The remote procedure call failed and did not execute"
>when the users try to login to their domain account.
>It seems to me the issue came from the VLAN. I am wondering what configuration change I should request the person who is in charge of VLAN make to fix the problem. Or, any other ways I can do on the samba server side to walk around this issue?
Problem is, you can't just say VLAN and have it illuminate the issue.  
You have to know the vlan classification.
Tagged or untagged to workstation?
Subnet vlans, protocol vlans or management vlans?

If the vlan is just a subnet vlan for broadcast containment on a 
switch/router then it should be transparent untagged IP to the worstation.

Regards, Doug

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