[Samba] ntlm_auth multiple domain authentication

Jamie Crawford crawford at cmsu1.cmsu.edu
Tue Sep 20 14:22:21 GMT 2005

I'm using ntlm_auth to authenticate users in freeradius.  My samba server is joined to DOMAINA.  When I run ntlm_auth --username=domainauser everything works great. When I run ntlm_auth --username=domainbuser it fails because the user does not exist in domaina which the server is joined to.  If I run ntlm_auth --username=domainbuser --domain=domainb it works great.  I was wanting to do ntlm_auth --domain=domaina --domain=domainb --username=domainbuser,  it works only because the second domain variable is domainb. If I were to use a domainauser, it would fail.
Any ideas???


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