[Samba] homedir question

Ray Rizzuto Ray.Rizzuto at mcdata.com
Tue Sep 20 14:18:09 GMT 2005


We have 5 nfs servers, all running Samba.  Various users accounts are
spread across the nfs servers.  Right now, Samba is set to export the
home directories for that nfs server under \\serverX\home, so the user
must go to the correct nfs server to see his home directory.

What I'd like is that if user xyz123's home directory is on server1,
he/she sees it as \\server1\xyz123 as well.  If, however, they go to
\\server2, I want one of the following:

1) they don't see \\server2\xyz123 since it would be inaccessible
2) they do see \\server2\xyz123, but they've been redirected to
\\server1\xyz123 somehow.

For #2, I looked at "nis homedir" and "homedir map", but it seems like
that's only if the samba server is a Win95/98 logon server.  Our shop is
win2k and XP.



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