[Samba] Two Locations, One Domain

Andy samba at andrewsmith.plus.com
Tue Sep 20 09:41:26 GMT 2005

Hi Folks,

Two houses - one at "home" and one at "uni". Each house has it's own subnet
with a few W2k/XP clients and a FC4 (samba-3.0.14a-2) server. The two
servers are linked by a routing OpenVPN link.

I have the uni server set up as a PDC using smbpasswd authentication and
everything is working fine. Now I want to extend the domain to my freshly
installed home server, so that I can log on to the same domain from either
home or uni, but I will always be logged on to the phycically closer server.
I'm guessing that this involves making the 'home' server a BDC?

Whilst browsing around for a HOWTO, I came across a document that strongly
dissaproved of using smbpasswd in a PDC/BDC environment due to having to
sync /etc/passwd, /etc/group, smbpasswd, etc...  What is the general
consensus on this?

Could someone point me to some good HOWTOs on setting up the sort of network
I want? I've only come across docs describing PDC/BDC configurations on the
same subnet, or involving LDAP. I'm not too keen on going the LDAP route as
I have very little knowledge of it and it seems somewhat overkill for my

Thanks in advance,


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