[Samba] samba duplicate name error FIXED

Modus Operandi modus at as220.org
Mon Sep 19 22:29:38 GMT 2005

In the immortal words of Modus Operandi <modus at as220.org>:
> we have been trying to move our samba box to a faster server, with better
> NICs, faster processor and more memory.
> both the old and new server are using samba 3.0.14A
> both on debian based distributions (old was sarge, new is breezy)
> here are the steps we followed:
> install samba from the apt archives.
> confirmed that they were the same version.
> copied smb.conf from old server to new server.
> changed domain name, or workgroup = domain2
> as well as netbios name


  Well, that was the problem. I set the workgroup and
the netbios to the same name, which was causing the
"duplicate name" error.

  Not sure why the old install worked just fine with
netbios and workgroup set to the same thing.

  Anyway, we can now log on to the domain without the
error. There are still problems, though ... the
authenication procedure is incredibly slow -- and the
reason we got a new server was so it would be faster.

  Tomorrow, I will make sure all the users are created
with the same uid on the new server, and then convert
our old smbpasswd to tdb format.

Mon Sep 19 18:19:45 EDT 2005
The Moon is Waning Gibbous (95% of Full)

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