[Samba] new samba install

Modus Operandi modus at as220.org
Mon Sep 19 14:29:38 GMT 2005

we have been trying to move our samba box to a faster server, with better
NICs, faster processor and more memory.

both the old and new server are using samba 3.0.14A
both on debian based distributions (old was sarge, new is breezy)

here are the steps we followed:
install samba from the apt archives.
confermed that they were the same version.
copied smb.conf from old server to new server.
changed domain name, or work group = domain2
as well as netbios name
changed the paths to shares because the disk partitioning is slightly
added a machine account to use as a testing machine, added a user name to
the smbpasswd file, we know how to do this because we did it all the time
on the other server.

logged in, fixed some minor issues with home directories not mounting
properly. profiles saved properly, the performance was good.
our only problem was that windows explorer was crashing like mad every
time we browsed a smb share, no where else, we could browse directories on
the hd and cds just fine no crashes, as soon as we went off to smb share,
boom, crash.  The testing machine had been mucked about with for a while 
so we decided to do a fresh windows install on it.

we restarted the machine thinking that might make a difference and we
started to see a duplicate name exists on the network, this was a windows
system error.

ignoring this, we went on with a fresh windows install, join the system to
the domain just fine, but each time we tried to restart we get the same
problem: a duplicate name exists on the network according to windows.
once this happens, we can not logon to the new domain.  even if we create 
a machine account on the samba box which is totally silly like schmoo, 
and make sure that the windows box has that same name, we still have 
this problem. 

this morning i am back up just fine on my old samba server which is identical
accept for a different workgroup, netbiosname, and processor.

meanwhile, we set an test environment isolated from
the other network -- just the server, the testing
windows box and a switch -- and we still see the same
symptoms. nbtstat -n shows duplicate records in the
netbois, which we can't figure out how to remove. we
did nbtstat -R and nbtstat -RR to no avail.

any ideas? I also still am going to have the windows explorer crash, i did try 
use sendfile = no before all the rest.


Mon Sep 19 10:19:06 EDT 2005
The Moon is Waning Gibbous (97% of Full)

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