[Samba] pam_ldap and Samba password change

Christian Anton mail at christiananton.de
Sat Sep 17 11:43:40 GMT 2005

Christian Anton wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> i have set up a Samba PDC with LDAP Backend as described in this howto:
> http://de.gentoo-wiki.com/Samba_PDC_mit_LDAP-Backend
> Everything runs fine now. I also changed configuration of my linux 
> boxes to authenticate against the ldap server.
> When i log in into windows and change my user password, the Unix 
> password of my user is also changed, when i type passwd on a linux 
> box, it changes the unix password of the user in the ldap, but not the 
> samba password also stored in ldap.
> Is there any chance to make passwd change the samba password too? 
> Maybe possible with pam_ldap, but i did not find anything about this 
> on the web.
> Help would be appreciated!
> Christian

has nobody this running or is my question to stupid to be worth to get a 

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