[Samba] pam_ldap and Samba password change

Christian Anton mail at christiananton.de
Wed Sep 14 16:49:47 GMT 2005

Hi everybody,

i have set up a Samba PDC with LDAP Backend as described in this howto:


Everything runs fine now. I also changed configuration of my linux boxes 
to authenticate against the ldap server.

When i log in into windows and change my user password, the Unix 
password of my user is also changed, when i type passwd on a linux box, 
it changes the unix password of the user in the ldap, but not the samba 
password also stored in ldap.

Is there any chance to make passwd change the samba password too? Maybe 
possible with pam_ldap, but i did not find anything about this on the web.

Help would be appreciated!


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