[Samba] getent and wbinfo not returning expected results?

Mike Partyka mpartyka at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 20:40:22 GMT 2005

On Sep 16, 2005, at 2:57 PM, John H Terpstra wrote:
>>> Did you rename the libnss_winbind.so.2 file to nss_winbind.so.1?
>> No, i did not see that step in any of the documentation i have used.
> For months I asked for review and feedback from Samba mailing list  
> users. All
> feedback that I received was adopted. Samba is user supported  
> software. The
> more people who provide documentation feedback, the better to  
> documentation
> becomes.
I was not active in this mailing list at that time but don't mean  
that to be an excuse, i will do better going forward.

> The system accounts will use values of 500-1000, user acconts  
> always above
> 999. i.e.: starting at 1000.
> Remove the winbind*tdb files and restart winbindd.

I adjusted this range up much higher (1000000-5000000)

I then deleted these files as John recommended and the restarted  
winbind and smb.

Amazingly, now "getent passwd" returns the local user list with the  
domain users appended to it, W00T!

PS-The community effort that many people put into the lists as far as  
helping other users is always impressive to me and it's really  
something to admire but this afternoon topped all when i got a long  
distance call from John Terpstra, whose book i have sitting on my  
desk at home, and who wrote the Samba documentation that many of us  
use so frequently, the experience I have to say was a little intense.

60 seconds into the call John stated rather than asked, "Your really  
new to Samba aren't you?", I can only laugh when thinking about it.

John, Doug, Thanks for your help!

> - John T.

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