[Samba] Re: not seeing windows XP

Shelagh Manton oneida at tpg.com.au
Sun Sep 11 21:19:39 GMT 2005

On Fri, 09 Sep 2005 01:04:40 -0400, Justin Allen wrote:

> I had some similar problems with my samba setup with XP Pro machines. The 
> fix that I found was to disable the computer browser service on the XP Pro 
> machines to prevent them from taking over the master browser role from the 
> samba server and force the samba server to be master browser through the 
> smb.conf file. Also I made my samba server into a WINS server and pointed 
> the XP machines to that although I am not sure if this step is required. 
> More than likely the problem is that you have 2 master browsers on the 
> network so if you disable the computer browser service on the other 2 
> machines then that will likely fix the problem. 
> Hope this helps,
> Justin

Ahh, thank you for replying.

I did find the problem and came back to reply to myself in case someone
else was searching the archives with the same problem. So now they have
two possible solutions!

This problem was partly political. The user in this case did not have either
virus checkers or spybot checkers and as soon as I laid down the law,and 
downloaded a free virus checker (and got rid of 6, plus umpteen spybots,) 
the problem was miraculously fixed. 

Now all I have to do is, stop the nightmares about wondering what on earth
was happening on his computer that he didn't know about. I wonder how much
incidental spam was sent out by his computer while these nasties were
infecting his computer. Talk about a Xmas tree for malicious hackers!


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