[Samba] File permission problems

fluibgwef at netscape.net fluibgwef at netscape.net
Fri Sep 9 06:50:03 GMT 2005

Hi knowledgeable samba users,  
I had to upgrade from samba 2.2.0 on a suse linux server (7.2). Server died after two 2+ years of loyal services  - otherwise I would not have changed...
Now I have a samba 3.0.9-2.6 on suse 9.1. I can access the files only r-x, i.e. all files appear as read only. 
Trying to trouble shoot I have: 
- chmod-ed all the files of all the shares to 777
- in swat put the masks to 777 in the "global section"
- in swat put the masks to 777 in all the shares
It is a home office environment where I access the SMB server from XP and W2K stations. 
Is there anywhere else I should look at? 
thanks in advance, 

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