[Samba] [UNDERSTANDING] BDC and Trusted Domain

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Thu Sep 8 08:43:01 GMT 2005

hi list,

just for my knowledge -> we have a working PDC / BDC infrastructure for 
our domain DOMA, where PDC trusts another PDC from DOMB (all samba v3).

when PDC from DOMA goes down, is the trust still valid or do we have to 
setup the trust on *both* DCs from DOMA (net rpc trustdom establish DOMB 
... )? is that possible at all?

Michael Gasch
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Department of Human Evolution (IT)
Deutscher Platz 6
D-04103 Leipzig

Phone: 49 (0)341 - 3550 137

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