[Samba] error when adding a new user

Bruno Guerreiro bruno.guerreiro at ine.pt
Wed Sep 7 08:36:09 GMT 2005

I think that groups bellow 100 are reserved, so don't think it's a good idea
to make that group the user's primary group.
Why don't you create another group like ntusers, domusers, whatever, and
then assign that as the primary group for all users...

Best Regards,
Bruno Guerreiro

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>Subject: [Samba] error when adding a new user
>Hi people, i having the following problem:
>useradd -s /bin/false -g users test
>smbpasswd -a test
>New SMB password:
>Retype new SMB password:
>tdb_update_sam: Failing to store a SAM_ACCOUNT for [test] without a 
>primary group RID
>Failed to add entry for user test.
>Failed to modify password entry for user test
>The "users" group exists,
>grep users /etc/group
>Any ideas? I fix this adding a new group with the name of the username 
>and adding the user to this group. Then, it works de smbpasswd -a.
>Why this could happend?
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