[Samba] Samba Over A Wan

Mike McMullen mlm at loanprocessing.net
Tue Sep 6 19:06:56 GMT 2005

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From: "David Miller" <david3d at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [Samba] Samba Over A Wan

> I'm currently using OpenVPN to allow access to Samba over WAN. Works pretty 
> good but my experience has been that browsing shares and directory 
> structures over the WAN can be somewhat frustrating to users. I believe this 
> is b/c windows file sharing is a pretty heavy protocal and our WAN 
> connection is only 768bps up and down. You'll also want to be using WINS for 
> name resolution unless you're bridging your OpenVPN subnet with your local 
> subnet which I would avoid doing if possible.
> David

Hi David! Thank you for your feedback. Our connection is a T1. The people
would be accessing a folder that has 3 folders in it with < 200 files in each folder.

The connection would be their box to our box only. Would I still need WINS
in this scenario? I'm not up on Windows requirements.



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