[Samba] Password expiration

Chuck Theobald chuckt at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Tue Sep 6 16:33:40 GMT 2005


One way to avoid password expiry is to set the sambaPwdMustChange attribute 
of each account to 2147483647.  This way, the password will last until 
sometime in 2038.


At 08:37 AM 9/6/2005, Jacob Elder wrote:
>But how do I just disable password expiration completely? Isn't that what 
>the X
>flag is supposed to do in sambaAcctFlags?
>Jacob Elder
>Quoting Matthias Spork <hallo at matthiasspork.de>:
>>Jacob Elder schrieb:
>>>I still can't figure out why my users' passwords are expiring. Ever since we
>>>switched to LDAP, passwords expire every 14 days. Here is an example 
>>>LDAP user
>>You can set password-age to 60 days by typing
>>#> pdbedit -P "maximum password age" -C 5007600
>>Please look at this Thread:
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