[Samba] More printing problems...

Stefan Froehlich samba at Froehlich.Priv.at
Tue Sep 6 14:38:53 GMT 2005

> Printing is working, I can print Windows test pages, I can print from
> several applications, including MS office. [...]

Not everyone can. Some users (but only some) are told that the server
has no printer driver when they try to install one of the network
printers (which, of course is not true). For others, everything is
working fine and es expected.

With a sufficiently high log level I can see some suspicious lines:

|[2005/09/06 16:29:14, 10] printing/nt_printing.c:get_a_printer(4095)
|  get_a_printer: [Kleopatra] level 2
|[2005/09/06 16:29:14, 10] printing/nt_printing.c:get_a_printer(4185)
|  get_a_printer: [Kleopatra] level 2 returning WERR_OK
|[2005/09/06 16:29:14, 5]
|  BONG! There was no device mode!
|[2005/09/06 16:29:14, 8]
|  Returning NULL Devicemode!

The "BONG" messages seems a little bit irritating. Is this critical?
What does it mean, and how can I get rid of it?



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