[Samba] problem using ntconfig.pol for win 2000 and samba server

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Sun Sep 4 13:34:33 GMT 2005


i am using a samba server as a domain server and win2k clients which are
connecet to it.

i what to restrict some users win2k desktop and profile settings so i tried
to set up an ntconfig file with poledit. in the sambalogs i see, that the
file i read by the win2k client but nothing happens.

when i restrict the settings in the "default computer" section in the
ntconfig.pol the restriction are used by the client. but when i restrict
setting of a group of users (eg. domain employee) the settings are not

in my samba config i addes unix group -> employee is domain group "domain

can anybody help me with this problem?

what i have to do, that windows "knows" that the current user is in the
group "domain employee" and that windows have to use the ntconfig.pol
information for this group?



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