[Samba] SOLVED: Samba clients can't see partitions mounted via loop device

David Burton dave146 at burtonsys.com
Fri Sep 2 17:24:01 GMT 2005

dave146 at burtonsys.com (David Burton) wrote:

> Is there something special about filesystems mounted via
> the loop device, which prevents Samba from sharing them?
> On the Mandrake (er, Mandriva) Linux box, I have image
> files from a few small hard disk drives.  While logged
> on as root, I've mounted partitions on two of those
> image files, via the loop device:
>   # first partition in drive1.ima is an NTFS partition:
>   losetup -r -o 32256 /dev/loop1 drive1.ima
>   mount -t ntfs /dev/loop1 /mnt/img1
>   # first partition in drive2.ima is a FAT32 partition:
>   losetup -o 32256 /dev/loop2 drive2.ima
>   mount -t vfat /dev/loop2 /mnt/img2

The problem had nothing to do with the use of the loop
device.  The "mount" commands were the problem.  They
needed the "-o umask=0" option, so that Samba's "nobody"
user could access the mounted partitions:

   mount -t ntfs -o umask=0 /dev/loop1 /mnt/img1
   mount -t vfat -o umask=0 /dev/loop2 /mnt/img2

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