[Samba] SID problems...

Paul Furness paul.furness at vil.ite.mee.com
Fri Sep 2 15:53:16 GMT 2005

You can change the SID on the fly if you want.

To keep the same SID, go to machine before you change anything and use:

net getlocalsid > TEXTFILE.TXT

Then edit TEXTFILE.TXT and remove everything but the SID.

After changing domain name, use

net setlocalsid < TEXTFILE.TXT

It is recommended not to change domain name after setting up as this 
will always change the SID. I don't believe you can stop this happening, 
but you can use getlocalsid and setlocalsid to restore the original sid 
when you change the domain name.


Stéphane Purnelle wrote:

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>Felipe a écrit :
>>Why even when I set smbldap.conf and perform "net setlocalsid" to
>>the same SID, when I change the domain name, sometimes the SID
>>change too and it make all the trust relationship between machines
>>and domain be lost?
>>Where and how do SAMBA generates this new SID? Is there anyway to
>>keep the SID whatever be the domain name?
>>regards, Felipe.
>Why you want to change the SID.
>When samba start the first time, samba determine her SID, maybe when
>changing the domain name, samba change the SID.
>I think that you cannot change the SID on the fly.
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