[Samba] Administrators and Users Rights for Windows workstations

Edgar Fonseca edgarlf at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 19:44:43 GMT 2005


When the users are in Administrators group, they can map the C$ of all 
domain, even if they doesn't in "Domain Admins" group. Is it correct?
If it's correct, I can't do this, because they can map.
But your idea can be used on Power Users (I think). Because I don't want 
that the users be administrators, I want that they can do administratives 
works (example: install programs). I hadn't explain right, sorry.
I was talking about it with other frinds, I think that other solution is put 
the users on "Domain Users" group and run a .reg , built with poledit, for 
push this file and give permission of install and others (many others) to 


2005/9/1, Dirk.Laurenz at fujitsu-siemens.com <Dirk.Laurenz at fujitsu-siemens.com 
>  Hi,
>  it's simple:
> 1.) put all users in YOURDOMAIN\Domain Users or YOURDOMAIN\Workstation 
> Admins or what you would like
> 2.) put this group (YOURDOMAIN\Domain Users, YOURDOMAIN\Workstation 
> Admins) into the local group
>  Administrators of each Workstation (you may use vbscript to automate 
> this...)
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> workstations
>  Hello,
> I having a problem with rights in Windows workstations. I want that all
> users can be administrators of yours stations when they are logged in your
> stations, but I don't want that they can see the share C$ of other 
> stations.
> They can see this because they are administrators of the domain.
> They have primary group "Domain Admins". If I try put the users on
> "Administrators" group, they can't logon. If I try put them on "Domain
> Users" group, they aren't administrators. If I put them in 
> "Administrators"
> (primary group) and "Domain Users", they aren't administrators. The only
> possibility for the users log as administrators is that they are inserted 
> in
> "Domain Admins" group.
> The problem is the C$. We thinking about use a script to remove this share
> from Windows, but I'm not sure about if this solution is the best.
> Does someone know about any solution for this problem?
> I'm using samba 3.0.14 + LDAP
> Thanks
> Edgar
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