[Samba] Administrators and Users Rights for Windows workstations

Edgar Fonseca edgarlf at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 19:46:05 GMT 2005


The error when the user of Administrators group was log in was caused for 
other things, sorry for my precipitation. It was the nscd daemon, sometimes 
he causes strange results.

I'm thinking about the strange comportament of logged users. If the user is 
in Administrators group (created on LDAP) the user can log in but he doesn't 
Administrator. He has limited privileges. I'm not sure yet, but I thing that 
he is Power User. I'm really not sure.


2005/9/1, Paul Gienger <pgienger at ae-solutions.com>:
> > I having a problem with rights in Windows workstations. I want that all
> > users can be administrators of yours stations when they are logged in 
> your
> > stations, but I don't want that they can see the share C$ of other 
> > stations.
> > They can see this because they are administrators of the domain.
> > They have primary group "Domain Admins". If I try put the users on
> > "Administrators" group, they can't logon. 
> Since this is the more 'proper' way to do it, lets find out why they can't
> log in under this condition. What kind of errors do you get here?
> > If I try put them on "Domain
> > Users" group, they aren't administrators. If I put them in 
> > "Administrators"
> > (primary group) and "Domain Users", they aren't administrators.
> How are you making this their primary group?? Administrators should be a
> local group and you shouldn't be able to make a network users's primary 
> group a local group unless you're doing something horribly wrong (by
> convention).
> > The only
> > possibility for the users log as administrators is that they are 
> inserted
> > in
> > "Domain Admins" group. 
> > The problem is the C$. We thinking about use a script to remove this 
> share
> > from Windows, but I'm not sure about if this solution is the best.
> > Does someone know about any solution for this problem? 
> >
> > I'm using samba 3.0.14 + LDAP
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Edgar
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