[Samba] Roaming and local profiles EXTRANGE problem!!

John T Benedetto jbenedet at unm.edu
Mon Oct 31 23:02:32 GMT 2005

I am no expert (so other please chime in with corrections 
if I mis-state anything!)...

One point: when your user logs on, the roaming profile 
"becomes" the local profile (that is, it is copied down to 
the local computer). When the user logs off, it is copied 
back onto the server.

Here are some things to check:
- Are the users logging out of station "A" before logging 
into station "B"?  This - I have read - can cause 
- Are you sure that they are getting the roaming profile, 
and not simply logging onto the machine using cached 
credentials?  (There is a registry hack that disallows 
(turns off) the ability to log on using cached 
credentials.  Basically, if the server is unavailable to 
authenticate your users, they will be unable to log on. 
 Maybe not a setting you WANT to turn on, but it might be 
handy for testing & troubleshooting purposes).

I would think one of these two things are happening to 
cause the problems as you describe them. (But thats just 
my opinion!)...

- jb

On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 19:44:21 +0200
  "Daniel Ruiz Jimenez" <druiz at gruposied.com> wrote:
> My clients (winXP and 2000) logged ok on my samba 
>domain. They load their roaming profile, all ok. But....
> ... something strange happens!!! They load BOTH roaming 
>and LOCAL profiles!! This makes that "old copies" from 
>their profiles (for example, if they didn't access many 
>time ago to a determinate client) are load, like old 
>documents erased from other client.

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