[Samba] 3.0.20b seems to ignore "ldap user suffix"

Jonas Jochum jj at archit.uni-karlsruhe.de
Fri Oct 28 15:11:26 GMT 2005

Am Friday 28 October 2005 16:00 schrieb Craig White:
> does this match what is in padl's ldap.conf ?

Do you mean pam_ldap.conf?
No, it doesn't:

base ou=aktiv,ou=accounts,o=archipool,dc=arch,dc=uni-karlsruhe,dc=de

libnss-ldap.conf uses
base o=archipool,dc=arch,dc=uni-karlsruhe,dc=de

The reason for this is that we're temporarily moving disabled accounts to
Due to samba using the wrong search base, they're still able to log in (don't
tell me to use sambaAcctFlags - I know they can be used for accomplishing the
same thing).


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