[Samba] permissions and properties of printers

Milo search.lists at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 21:04:49 GMT 2005

Hello, I am having problems with all my clients (windows 2K and 9x) that
don't have rights to modify printer settings, like tray or page size. At
least the problem is consistent across all machines! ;) They can not print
11x17 pages, they can not change from defaults. We set things up rather
quickly without much attention to detail and are paying for it now. The
print drivers were installed clients side manually, pointing the network
printer install dialog to the drivers on a shared directory. We also setup
cups using the howtos using lpadmin commands. I'm a bit confused how things
are working and where to begin, any pointers are helpful. For the printer
settings to propogate they must get passed to the printer somehow, but not
sure where this data is going or what permission does not allow this.

i have attached my smb.conf

Milan Andric

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