AW: AW: [Samba] Migration to Samba using external LDAP server(CLARIFICATION NEEDED)

Matthew Easton v-vi at
Tue Oct 25 01:54:24 GMT 2005

On Oct 24, 2005, at 1:43 PM, Pseudomizer wrote:

> If we would copy the data with simple xcopy or robocopy using e.g.  
> an admin
> account from the domain, then the files which will be created have  
> which
> owner? Will the permissions still remain?

Other poster mentioned rsync.  That or tar can preserve permissions  
as they are in the original file. You can run them over SSH to  
transfer files to another server.

Not clear to me from your post whether you will need to run a tool on  
windows to move the data around.  If so, there is at least the  
windows ssh client called putty
and a win32 port of tar
but I suppose that once you tar up the files, you can simply drag  
them into a share on the new server and untar them with the -p flag.

Aha.  Now I see you may have some issue mapping the old windows user  
to the new linux user uid. You can instead force user and group by  
manipulating the attributes of the enclosing directory.
  -- see the earlier thread "[Samba] See inherit user, need inherit  

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