[Samba] strange Problem

Arno Seidel a.seidel at ehotel.ag
Mon Oct 24 11:45:20 GMT 2005

Hi list,

mybe there is someone who has / had the same problem like me.
this Problem does not realate direkt to samba but here are many people
with good / excelent knowledge in windows

I´ve here a samba 3.0.14a PDC and a member file server (samba 3.0.14a)
there are several windows 2k clients and xp pro in the office.

My Problem is:

a freshinstalled WinXP Pro Sp2 PC (already joined the domain and added 
some users) ... and a user tires to login the first time on that pc, he 
only get the "Box" Userdata will be loaded and then the PC reboots ...
it doesn´t matter if the user has data in his profile or just a empty one.
But if i install windows xp without sp2 it works, and installing the 
service pack 2 later it does not break.. but if then a new user is added 
to the client pc the same behavior as with the new installed pc occurs 
and no other user can´t logon this pc ... only the "Administrator"

hopefully there is a solution for that problem ...

kind regards

Arno Seidel

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