[Samba] Obscure login problem with samba as PDC

Evert-Jan Duindam evert at l3edynamics.com
Mon Oct 24 10:44:57 GMT 2005

Hey everyone,

I've searched through the archives and can find mention of the problem,
but haven't been able to track down an answer. The problem is as follows,
certain accounts can't login to the samba PDC server (can't login to the
domain, check your password error), while other accounts can. The mystery
becomes completely baffling to me when I look at the more recent PC's in
the network - all accounts work fine on the machines I have installed.
However, on the older PC's (all windows XP SP2), I can't login with
certain specific accounts - which do work on the newer machines. The only
difference I can conceive of between the newer and older clients is that
the old ones used to connect to the previous server, which was an old red
hat box of which I don't know the details, but studying the user info on
the older machines shows no discrepancies. The RequireSignOrSeal mod has
ofcourse been done.

I'm running a backports samba (3.0.14a-2woody1) from backports.org on a
debian machine (2.6.6 kernel). All the clients are winxp sp2. Any help
would be most appreciated.

Evert-Jan Duindam
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