[Samba] DFS not working w/ fully.qualified.sub.domain

William Burns bburns at aeroflex.com
Fri Oct 21 20:07:33 GMT 2005


I've got a samba/DFS server configured that works fine under it's
original name, but I'm getting booted out of that DNS domain, into a
All my (WinXP) clients have drives mapped to names like
If I browse to the path, \\server.domain.com\dfsroot, everything works.
I can access the shares pointed to via the dfs links

But, now the network is being re-architected...
The clients will be in multiple IP subnets, and the server needs to be
moved to a subdomain of "domain.com".
I configured a "sub.domain.com" on my DNS server.

I can browse via the new name: \\server.sub.domain.com\dfsroot, and I
can see all the links, but when I rt-click, and view properties on any
of these links, the DFS tab is missing.
If I rt-click/view-properties on a dfs-link using the old server name, I
can see the DFS tab again.

How do I get the DFS tab back?
How do I make the DFS links work when the DFS server is in a subdomain?


Other info:
clicking on a DFS link gives me the error message:
> \\server.sub.domain\dfsroot\remoteshare refers to a location that is 

I don't know if this is a server-side issue, or a client side issue.
I get the same results when trying to access the DFS links from a
windows 2003 machine.

An nt4 machine will refuse to talk to the samba server on the new name
at ALL. It gives a message "The network path was not found" when trying
to browse the path "\\server.sub.domain.com".
Is this some "feature" of windows clients?

Is this a known problem?
Does anyone know if the same behavior exists when trying to browse a DFS
share on a win'2000 server when it has its host-name in a sub-domain?


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