[Samba] Permission denied with "hide dot files"

Robie Basak robie at 8networks.co.uk
Tue Oct 18 13:31:58 GMT 2005


I've just upgraded to Debian samba 3.0.14a-3 (the latest Debian stable
version) from Debian samba 2.23a-15 (the previous Debian stable version).

I now get a "Permission denied" error when attempt to write to a file
hidden with the "hide dot files" option, which I didn't get before.
Turning off the "hide dot files" option fixes this.

I've reproduced this with a Perl script running on a Windows 2000+SP4
terminal server, like this:
   open FOO, ">\\\\servername\\homeshare\$/.foo" or die $!;
   close FOO or die;

If .foo didn't exist, the script works the first time but fails the
second. Otherwise, it fails on the first attempt. If I turn off the
"hide dot files" option, the problem is fixed.

This may be related to the following, but I can find no other references
to the issue.

Has this already been reported and/or fixed? Would anybody be able to
try to reproduce this on 3.0.20b please?

If this has already been fixed, I'd appreciate a pointer to a patch so
that I can patch the Debian package.


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