[Samba] RPC Server is unavailable

Dwight Tovey dtovey at emergecore.com
Mon Oct 17 16:59:42 GMT 2005

Dwight Tovey said:
> Yesterday I posted that I got my "add machine script" working, only to
> run into a new problem:
>> However, Windows is still not completely happy.  Now on the first
>> attempt to join a domain, while Samba appears to succesfuly create the
>> account and populate the sambaSamAccount info, Windows comes back and
>> tells me "The RPC server is unavailable".  Again, the second attempt
>> to join the domain succeeds.
> While digging around, I ran across this page:
> http://www.wlug.org.nz/SambaAsPDC
> At the bottom of the page it recommends giving the XP box a static IP
> address if you run into this "RPC server unavailble" problem.  This
> fixed the problem, but is not an acceptable solution for us.
> I vaguely remember something about issues with DNS/DHCP/Windows, so now
> I'm off to see what info I can dig up there.  If anybody has some
> pointers it would be greatly appreciated.

Following up for the sake of completeness.  This was a DHCP problem.  The
DHCP server was still pointing WINS to an IP address that no longer
existed.  Fixed that and XP now joins the domain without a hickup.

Now to fix a couple other minor user interface issues and I'll be ready to
roll out to production (until I run into the next big issue).

Thanks to those who pointed me in the right direction to fix my problems,
both on and off list.

Dwight N. Tovey
email: dtovey at emergecore.com
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