[Samba] Re: Dangling MS Access DB Lock Files *.ldb

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Mon Oct 17 09:37:20 GMT 2005

>> I was thinking of adding a repair action to the watchdog script
>> that would identify the smbd PID keeping the *.ldb MS Access DB
>> lock file open for so long and kill it, but the command "net rpc
>> file" never lists what I can easily see on the status page of SWAT
>> if I continuously refresh it until by chance one of the clients
>> opens it. The "net rpc file" only lists
>>      0 \PIPE\samr 0x35 0 dummy user
>> all the time. Is there another CLI utility which lists the same
>> thing as SWAT does?
> smbstatus list all connection and open file

Much obliged, Stephane.

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