[Samba] DBF database hangs up, when running from Samba 3.0.14 share

Robert Zdziebło robert at comex.com.pl
Mon Oct 17 09:21:06 GMT 2005

Hi to everyone,

Since last week I am trying to fix following problem:

I have a DOS application, operating on DBF databases.
I've set up a Samba 3.0.14a-2 server running as a PDC on Fedora Core 4
(in fact, Samba server was a part of FC4 distribution). I've set up a
share and then I've moved all data for this application on to that

The problem is that the application hangs right after is was launched on
Windows98SE machine, giving no error messages.
Entries in a log file for this particular machine are to messy for me,
when I set debug level on 3 or 4.

What is interesting, the same application from the same share is running
pretty well on Windows XP Pro SP2 machine (of course, the same user is
logged in to domain, as for Windows98SE station).

I thought oplocks were the reason, so I've turned them off both on the
share (not globally) and on the Windows98SE workstation
(DiscardCacheOnOpen = 01 in the registry). But it didn't help.

What is interesting as well, putting all the application data to Samba
2.2.1a-4 server solves the problem, i.e. the application runs well on
Windows98SE (?).

What's the main difference between those two Samba versions mentioned
above in terms of DBF files handling ?
I am considering workstation upgrade to Windows XP Pro, but this is an

Robert Zdzieblo

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