[Samba] XP login problem

Delboy samba at harmony.ie
Mon Oct 17 08:31:24 GMT 2005

I am having a problem trying to get an XP pro machine to login to a
samba server.

new install of debian 3.1 and Samba.
Samba login / connection from a win2000 machine works fine

XP Pro machine:  (sp2)

machine name:    ABC
Username:           john

john is a valid user on the Samba server, and can log in from the
win2000 client  on one machine

On XP,  an attempt to say map a drive letter / share on the Samba
server, asks for a username, ie john and the rejects it and redisplays
it as ABC\john   and will still reject this with a valid password

Can anyone advise me as to what is wrong on the XP end ??


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